Specializing in more concise, effective marketing videos
that promote your business, and keep your expenses down

Anyone can shoot video with a phone or camera today. But we have the capability of manipulating and rearranging shots, and by adding in transitions and sound mixing, you'll end up with a creative and engaging final video.

Whether you are a small retail establishment, a growing professional, a realtor, you name it...video can help perspective customers better understand what you do.

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. If you're using still pictures, adding video can boost engagement and impact sales.

These videos are just a few examples of our work, and as you can see, many are family-business related! We've spent a lot of time working through the kinks and growing our experience. The fourth and sixth videos were both created in front of a green sceen with two cameras filming.

Assorted Videos, Filmed & Edited:

Some early videos of Mike's Wallace Nutting informational video series
(unfortunately many of the photos available to process were not in high resolution)
Wallace Nutting Exterior Scenes
Wallace Nutting Interior Scenes
Wallace Nutting Foreign Scenes
Wallace Nutting Misc. Unusual Scenes
Wallace Nutting Furniture
Wallace Nutting Books
Wallace Nutting:
7 Different Furniture Markings

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